UX Design & User Experience Design Course – Theory Only



The idea of UX, or User Experience, is not new but continues to be a sore point for designers and end users. For those who can figure it out, it pays well more than graphic design alone. And, UX design uses skills you already have. Interested? Dont have a clue what UX Design is or where to start? Weve got the UX design training experience thats going to open a whole new world, and better-paying work!UX design is creating products, most commonly apps and websites, that are easy to use, please the end user and look great. Its understanding what the target user needs and how they get what they want. Its how they interact with the information and how they navigate your design. The reason theres so much demand for UX designers is that not a lot of graphic designers truly understand whats involved. Its more than slick graphics!At BYOL, weve got years of design experience and an equally impressive number of years teaching design to real world standards. We know what UX and UI design for professional grade work require, and we know how to give you the best training and information to build you a lifelong foundation.