VIDEO GAME DESIGN: CREATE A COMPETITIVE DESIGN PORTFOLIO is focused on helping aspiring game designers and level designers create a portfolio of work that is professional in quality and makes them highly competitive for design jobs in the video game industry. >>>UPDATE<<< 20 incredible entry-level Design Portfolio Websites and Demo Reels (with their portfolio games available to download from their sites to play and review) were just added to the course examples list for you to research and learn from. All of them are from past students of mine who are working in the industry and doing very well! The updated list covers Junior Game Designers, Level Designers, UI Designers, and Assistant Producers. Enjoy!DO YOU WANT TO:Have a real chance at getting a design job in the video game industryGet professional design experience from your portfolio games or levelsBe taken seriously by Video Game Producers and Lead DesignersTHEN YOU NEED TO:Create an extremely well designed, high quality and targeted portfolio that “WOWS” industry professionals demonstrates your value to a game teamDesign innovative portfolio games or levels that showcase your talent and make Game Design Leads and Creative Directors respect youBuild an exciting demo reel that will get a Hiring Manager’s attention Build an effective portfolio website to showcase your demo reel and games/levelsWrite winning cover letters and resumes that will make Recruiters and Producers take you seriously.ARE YOU READY TO:Put a stake in the ground now and put 100% of yourself into achieving your goalsShowcase your design work to industry professionals (Producers/Designers) Prove that you have what it takes to break into the Video Game IndustryStand out from the crowd and beat out the competition for jobsLand your dream job and become a professional game designer or level designer>> START BUILDING YOUR DESIGN PORTFOLIO TODAY! <<IN THIS COURSE YOU WILL LEARN:What the various design roles in the game industry are and what they doHow to research game companies effectivelyWhat Hiring Managers want from entry-level game designers and level designersHow to prepare effectively to create your design portfolioHow to create a winning strategy to get the design jobs you wantHow to create the right portfolio games and get real industry game experience while making themHow to create a demo reel that Wow’s Hiring Managers and showcases your most valuable design skills to themHow to create a portfolio website that showcases your work well to potential employersHow to write resumes and cover letters that will get Hiring Managers to take you seriouslyHow to create a winning Business card.WHY TAKE THIS COURSESimple, this course gives you all of the insider information, training, exercises and best practices required to:Choose the right design career for youCreate a solid portfolio development strategy and plan that will help you get the results you needBuild a design portfolio that shows and proves your value as a highly knowledgeable, skilled and competitive game designer or level designer to employers in the video game industryMaximize your chances of landing your target design job in the video game industryADDITIONAL BENEFITS OF TAKING THIS COURSEAll of the information you need in one easy place. ‘VIDEO GAME DESIGN: CREATE A COMPETITIVE DESIGN PORTFOLIO’ is a simple, straightforward and easy to understand online course that is 100% focused on the goal of helping you get your game design or level design portfolio to a polished and professional state that is highly competitive for entry-level game design or level design jobs in the Video Game Industry. Everything you need to know is in one easy place.Need to know information only. I know your time is very valuable and you want to get a design job as soon as possible. Therefore, I have only included information that is ‘need to know’. All course content and exercises are presented in an easy to follow step-by-step concise format to give you maximum results in the least amount of time. No wasted time!Professional video guided mentorship to help you succeed. Creating an outstanding design portfolio takes serious time and effort, and believe it or not thousands of talented passionate people are trying to build them to compete for entry-level design jobs everyday. Unfortunately, the hard truth is that the majority of these people will fail to succeed because of the time they waste working on the wrong things or just not getting their work to the level of quality necessary to compete for jobs. –And YES even the most talented people struggle on their own because it is very difficult be objective and critical about your own work (or even know what work you should be doing) when you’re doing something new. This course can help you change all of that and beat the odds by: Keeping you focused on achieving the right career and portfolio goals so you can get valid game design or level design experience while youre creating your portfolio games.Giving you the information and video guided mentoring support you need to ensure that you are doing things right the first time and staying on track to hit a high level of quality and achieve your goals. Ensuring that you are creating portfolio work that is highly competitive in quality and clearly showcasing your value for the game design or level design jobs that you wantHOW IS THIS COURSE STRUCTURED Each section of this course starts out with an video game industry mentor guided video explaining all of the information you need to know in a simple and concise format, followed by a set of exercises and best practices to help ensure that you do things right the first time! HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE TO COMPLETE THIS COURSEYou should expect it to take between 4-8 months to complete all of the components of you design portfolio if you are starting it from scratch. ARE THERE 1 ON 1 MENTORING SESSIONS PROVIDED WITH THIS COURSEMentorship in this UDEMY course is provided through mentor guided video lectures and written documentation only. WHAT PEOPLE HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR “Hi there! My name is Antoine Ladouceur and Jarett was my instructor at the Art Institute of Vancouver. Boy was I lucky to have him! If Im working as a Level Designer today its definitely because of his incredible support and advice. Having Jarett as an instructor was a little bit like opening a window onto the entire spectrum of game development. I felt like not only did I learn how to make good game design choices, but also how those choices would affect development overall. I learned what its like to work in a professional game development team and how to structure my work to fit well in that framework. –Overall, my first day on the job felt quite easy from everything I had learned from Jarett. He is a terrific instructor, straight to the point and very passionate about what he does and its definitely contagious.”- Antoine Ladouceur, Jr. Level Designer, Compulsion Games””Many of the choices I make as a Level Designer to improve my work came from advice that Jarett gave me during my courses. With his guidance and in-depth feedback, I was able to create a portfolio that really allowed me showcase who I was and what I could offer to the industry. Jarett is extremely passionate about what he does. He can always recognize when someone has potential and he’ll always do his best to make sure that potential flourishes, even if it means building from the ground up. Jarett always manages to inspire creativity and hard work and I can without a doubt say I was extremely fortunate to have him as my instructor.”- Zack Bryan, Level Designer, Akimbo Creation’s