Once you’ve purchased this course you will have access to explanatory lectures giving you information on the following topics: Using FL Studio (and DAWS), Music theory, composition tutorials, themed music creation.The composition tutorials will cover the following: Battle music, RPG, Casual and Mobile music and Character music.This course is designed to be extensive as possible to get you started producing music for yourself or your soon to be clients!Welcome to one of the first online composition courses that fully immerse the students into the world of video game music with a Project-Based design and interactive lectures.This course will eventually cover every game type with no prior experience required. You’ll learn all the skills and abilities you need to come out of this course a competent composer.This course not only covers composition, but it will also take an in-depth look at sound design, Audacity, Unity, F mod and a few other software’s that may be helpful to you at a later point.Overwhelmed? With this course, we start simple and spend a lot of time prepping you to make sure you never feel left scratching your head.This course is even recommended for Intermediate and Advanced Game composers. As the weeks go by we slowly delve into advanced composition strategies, more complicated music theory, sound design and mixing strategies.Create Game Music with FL Studio, Game Music Production, Video Game Music Creation, Music Production for Video Games, Game Music Composition