2.6K+ Students Enrolled!1/3 of all online activity is spent watching video. You might be tempted rush into production or to launch a hasty campaign – but not so fast! You probably have limited budget, and the stakes are too high to overspend or create mediocre content. So if you’re a founder, a marketer, or another startup employee, how much of your budget should you invest?What ROI should you expect? Should you go for animation or live action? How should you distribute your video? What host should you choose? (psst… throwing it up on YouTube probably won’t be enough)We’ll answer all of these questions and many more.Learn the video marketing strategy provided to my former clients, including Venmo, Electronic Arts, and 16 Fortune 500s. As the first employee and Senior Account Manager at IdeaRocket, a New York-based business animation studio, I got the opportunity to work with a variety of companies on 100+ productions. Throughout this course, you’ll learn the strategies I extended to our high-paying clients.Some benefits:-Find your target ROI. Use a simple 5-step process, in conjunction with a calculator tool. Know what you can invest BEFORE you fork over money to a producer. -Model your results. From our Video Case Study Database, you’ll find the most relevant examples for your industry. This will let you plan for success. -Fit video marketing into your customer funnel. Avoid squandering this medium’s power. Show your video to the right audience at the right time.-Distribution Strategies, Tools, & Hacks. This is an ever-growing library of specific methods for increasing your conversions, sales, and audience. -Create the foundation for a powerful script. Go through IdeaRocket’s 20-question Creative Interview. It’s the discovery process we used on every project.-Discover interactive video. Leverage this cutting-edge, underused technology.-Get Extra Course for Free (for a limited time) – Explainer Video Creation for Startups & Tech Companies. Find the right producer, technique, and production strategy. Write a powerful script.Get These Added Bonuses When You Sign Up Today:Extra Free Course: Explainer Video Creation for Startups & Tech CompaniesVideo Case Study DatabaseVideo ROI CalculatorVideo Launch PlanLifetime Access to Both CoursesMulti-million dollar results are achievable – just talk to the newly-launched startups that have made upwards of $50M in days from the simple act of adding a homepage video (we’ll cover these examples). But you have to showcase your video effectively. This medium can be your most lucrative marketing asset or a headache-inducing money pit. It just depends on the strength of your strategy. The lessons in this course will show you a straightforward growth path, and you’ll avoid stress and overspending throughout your production process. As a friendly reminder, this is a no-risk course. It comes with a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. See you inside,Dan