We all know where the future is going:It’svideo.Video content is KING!Video is taking over, just go and check your home feed on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.But how do you use video marketing to grow your business with a small budget?How do you build a personal brand using video when you have no budget?That’s exactly why I created this class.If you have no budget or a small video marketing budget, this class is for you.Here are different topics covered inside this video marketing classHow to create a SIMPLE video marketing planHow to use your phone to create video stories – Mobile video productionVideo editing using FREEtoolsVideo marketing strategies and hacksIf you are a video pro, this class is not for you. But…If you want to grow your business using video and you have no budget, you will love this class.What do you have to lose?Nothing!Enroll right now and let’s do this together.I am always a message away so just let me know if you want to discuss any specific video ideas!