VIM From Novice To Ninja



This course is meant for absolute novice, but I guarantee that once you complete this course you will became a VIM Ninja.These videos are the result of my first hand experience using VI/VIM for more than 20 years.As a VIM Ninja, Here’s what you will achieve at the end of this courseImpress your friends and colleagues with your new found VIM Ninja powers.Freedom from mouse, no moving between keyboard and mouse like other text editors. You will be able to do everything keyboard.You will easily be able to navigate a file inside vim.You will able to open multiple files and edit them simultaneously.You will be able to run shell commands from within VIM, without ever leaving the VIM Editor.You will be able to completely avoid writing shell scripts for doing complicated search/replace in multiple files. You can do wonders with VIMs for search and replace that other editor dont provide.You will be able to easily customize VIM environment for your development needs. Customize your vim to achieve more greatness.