Vim Text Editor – Learn in 10 steps, for beginners.



Vim is one of the most widely used text editors in the programming industry, not because it’s the newest or shiniest, but because it can be found (or can be installed) on every type of system and more importantly it makes it possible to work / code must faster then you would otherwise.Why doesn’t everyone use Vim if it’s so great? Well it does not have a standard GUI which means all the tools it provides must be memorized. People often think this is too much to learn at first and never try, but with this course, Jason Elbourne shows you the basic necessities to get up and running with Vim. The course won’t take up to much of your time. They will make your day to day coding much more productive, saving you time. Topics include:Entering and leaving viUnderstanding the Command, Insert, and Colon modesMoving around in filesEditing textMoving content with delete, yank, and putSearching with regular expressionsCustomizing viFiltering text through shell commands