In this course, I’ll demonstrate how course creators can use visual models to fast track their journey towards earning more, working less and loving what they do. Youre an expert, but do potential students know that?Every single business owner wants ONE thing: more clients. But being the best isnt enough if your expertise is a well-kept secret. Without the ability to communicate to your ideal client what it is you do, why you do it, and exactly how they can benefit – youre likely to end up waffling yourself out of the sale, digging yourself deeper into a hole as you try (and try and try) to explain what you do – meanwhile eyes are glazing over and theyre bolting for the exit!Losing leads before you even had a chance to wow them!And because (if youre honest) youre a little bit all over the place with your messaging, your expertise isnt coming through with your marketing, content or packages – but you are actually GREAT at what you do – what gives?What if you could unpack your brain and be seen as the expert you are?More and more, people are responding to visuals rather than text. They can grasp complex ideas in an instant, make connections to their own circumstance, and easily make decisions with confidence. In this course, I show you how to take the information, skills & processes inside your head and turn them into your Signature System: a set of visual models to showcase what it takes to succeed (whatever that looks like for your ideal client), educate your audience, get them excited and quickly close sales with a big YES!Course Goals:Why creating your Signature System is a key ingredient to successSee real life models in use and the impact theyve had on each businessThe 4 main types of visual models (and how you can quickly get each out there)Even if right now you dont know which shapes to use or how to create images with impact, Ill show you where you need to start.You have total confident to clarify your ideas into visual models.How to create your own complete Signature SystemHaving a single visual model is great, having a complete system that works to take leads from strangers to clients is even betterHow to leverage your Signature SystemNo matter how new to business you are, whether youve been at it for years, or if you simply need a little clarity, your Signature System creates opportunities to simplify, scale and speed up. Youll discover multiple ways to leverage your models, with case studies to inspire and motivate.Use your Signature System to become the go-to expert without looking back!Imagine the possibilities when you have:1. Focused ClarityYoure crystal clear on what you do, who you do it for and how you do it.Know exactly why people will buy from you.You have a streamlined business model with your Signature System providing strong foundations2. Fast Content Youre working smarter not harder with super fast content and product creationEasily map a years worth of content in less than an hourWrite a book in days not years3. Famed Credibility Your audiences perception of you dramatically shifts when you show them your modelsHaving your own unique methodology gives you an instant credibility boostWith content that is consistently on message, you build your profile as the go to expert4. Fabulous ClientsEducating and adding value by sharing your proven Signature System, instead of selling yourself, will change the way you feel about sellingPeople can clearly see the power of your work and that makes saying yes a no-brainerYour conversion rates will skyrocket5. Fantastic Cashflow Reach more people and make more money in less timeCharge what youre worth6. Fun CelebrationClients win, your business wins and you win. You have more freedom and it feels FREAKING AWESOME.Dont delay. Id love for you to join me and create some amazing Visual Models. Lets do this!