VLOOKUP in Google Sheets – Step by Step



Welcome to VLOOKUP in Google Sheets – Step by Step. Learn one of the most effective functions used to locate data in your Google Sheets tables.As a new or experienced Google Sheets user, this course will teach you VLOOKUP – a very useful function that will save you time when searching tables.With this course, you will accomplish the following:Learn what a searchable table is and how to create your own.See how the VLOOKUP function is broken into components and how to utilize each and every component effectively.Create a basic VLOOKUP Google Sheets application.Make your VLOOKUP function interactive to search tables without editing your formula each time.How to use VLOOKUP between two sheets on the same spreadsheet as well as on completely different spreadsheets.This course works!Melanie, who used this course said, “This was pretty much what I wanted, as I need to create a less unwieldy way of creating and updating recipe costings for my shop, while only needing to update the ingredient costs once to impact the whole range of recipes. I like that this shows both the really simple in-sheet way of doing things, and how to work across sheets within the same file, because that’s the thing I’m going to be doing most. I also like that there is a simple set of exercises for the student to complete in real time. I now feel confident to get on and create the sheet I wanted :)”Please let me know if I can help – I’m here.Updates:Note about leaving a review – 2Feb19Handling Errors with IFERROR – 7Feb19