Voice recording – How to record professional voice over



This is the english version of my already existing german course “Sprache professionell aufnehmen”! Please watch all my 5-star-testimonials from extremely satisfied german students there.Is bad sound recording quality distracting from your valuable content? This is your opportunity to improve!This short, beginner-friendly course teaches you the ins and outs of creating a studio and broadcast quality voice recording in the space of a few hours. It is presented in a practical and relevant manner, using recording equipment that cost just a few hundred dollars. You won’t need a voice booth, a special recording studio, or a sound engineer.The only prerequisite is to follow all the instructions meticulously and avoid any errors at any point during the recording process.But first we need to clarify what actually constitutes a professional recording because you can only reach a goal that you know. And once you know, recording voice will become very easy.The voice recording must be1. Dry (so no ambience effects like echo or reverberation) 2. Loud (clearly audible, in the foreground) 3. Transparent (clear and distinct) 4. Clean (free of noise and distortion)Basically you only need 3 components: A microphone, studio software and a person who knows what he is doing. This is the person you will become shortly.What you can expect:1. To learn the shortest way to a professional voice recording2. to get answers to all your questions almost immediately inside the course3. that I will help you to reach your goal to create a professional voice recordingWhat you can not expect:1. Hearing me talking much, saying nothing2. Telling you something in “hours” when I only need minutes!Stop doing bad recordings and enrol now!