Glad youve landed on this page, because I have and easy STEP-BY-STEP method that will take your 3D Renders to the Next Level.There are 3 Steps that you need to learn to Successful 3D Render! And Im about to teach you these steps in detail so that you could create Photorealistic Exterior Renders by using 3DsMax,VRay and Photoshop with plugins.You just need to follow Video Tutorials DoExercises – Get Feedback andFollow my Instructions. You will be surprised how easy it is when you are taking your 3D image in 3 steps to perfect Lighting & Rendering.You are Going to “Learnby Doing” Real Example of a Duplex HouseWhat you see in samples is LEVEL 1 Camera & Lighting. We got 2 more to go Textures, Render Optimization, Post ProductionwithFinal Polishing.This DUPLEX is going to be our testing and practicing model Im going to provide you with this model and basic working library for setting up a tropical style house. You are going to test different Environment maps to select the type of Day Lighting you want to go with.Create realistic VRay Materials such as stucco walls, glass, concrete, wood and types of metal.Realistic Landscape architecture will be also covered in this training.We Concentrate on Whats Really ImportantYou will learn my solidtechniques for balancing all scene lights in 3 easy steps;Your image will have depth and much better visual impacton the viewer after completingmy exercises you will know how toadjust Ambient light with perfect combination withSun Light&InteriorLighting. SetupPhysically Correct Camera & Adjust Realistic Textures.You will learnhow Textures should behave in different Lighting and How You Can Make It LookRealistic!.Rendering Optimization Process Balancing DMC Sampler is going to be one of the most important Topics of this Training.All examples with3DsMax 2015 and VRay 3.0You are going to get my ENTIRE BLUEPRINT Backed-up with VIDEO TUTORIALS and Step-By-StepManual Instructions with Detailed Explanation How to Model, Texture, Light & RenderPhoto-realistic Exterior! In additionYOU ARE GOING TO GET MY 3DSMAX FILES WITH EVERY STEP CONFIGURATION!Workshop Training MaterialsIVE GATHERED ONLY WHAT YOU NEED TO HAVE IN ORDER TO GET MAXIMUMOFYOUR PRACTICEHDRI-HUB HDRI MAPSVIZPEOPLE BACKGROUND PLATESVIZPEOPLE CUT-OUT PHOTOSHOP PEOPLETHESE ARE YOUR TRAINING MATERIALSALRIGHT! – Ready to Start?Each Training is a LIFE TIME Experience that you will move you forwards towards your GOAL!Take this amazing opportunity to create REALISTIC 3D imageto serveyour portfolioand futurecareerIn addition you willdevelop working relationships with other 3D Artists in UDEMY forum that sharethe same passion with YOU! SO dont wait too long YOUR Journey to PRO LEVEL Begins Today!Click the Add to Cart button to Join Our VRay ExteriorWorkshop!Thanks for reading this, hope to see you inside!Hope to see you with us!Alex