THE MOST ADVANCED VRay Interior Lighting & Rendering WORKSHOPHERES HOW IT WORKSWe are about to learn ADVANCED PHOTO-REALISTIC Lighting Techniques with 3DsMax 2015 and VRay 3.40.03 – (Since not everyone updated their VRay 3.5)This Training is “LEARNING by DOING” – You will get a 3D space andYour Task Will Be to make it Realisticas possible by using my methods and step-by-stepguidelines.By The End of this workshopyou will have at least 2photo-realistic renders to put in your portfolio!Heres How Workshop Goes1. Download training materials2. Watch the videos and repeat the steps3. Get YOUR 3D Renders to the next LEVEL!First download PDFmanualinstructions to discoverthe next step you need to take:Phase 1 Design & Reference Modeling (Blocking)Phase 2 Basic Camera & HDRI Lighting (Ambiance)Phase 3 Texturing & Final lighting (Advanced Techniques)Phase 4 Rendering & Post Processing (Passes Assembly)All our steps (phases) made from step-by-step instructions and my personalFORUM support – so in case you get stuck just shoot me a message and I’ll be more than glad to help you out.Step-by-Step /”Over the Shoulder”Each phase divided in to sections with video tutorials followed by 3Ds Max scenes for EVERY STEP. If you new to this you can just practice by following the video tutorial – upload your progress renderto forum and get direct instructions on how to improve your 3Dwork.Over the shoulder technique will include some more advanced methods and free plugins that I’ve used to create LIGNE ROSET MOEL scene.Things that Im going to explore are:Ivy Grow 3Ds Max Plug-in for growing plantsTexturing Realistic VRay Shaders Water (swim-pool) causticsCustom Carpet with VRayFur Hair & Fur simulationand some other cool stuff, let me surprise YOU :)Here’s How The Challenge WorksYou Get “LIGNE ROSET MOEL” Space – with no furniture, lighting and other objects. You need to come up with new design or similar to what I show.The skills will be test by:Level Of RealismCreativityAbility to match deadlinesIf you wish to work on other scene or bring your own – you are free to do so!Training MaterialsHere are our TRAINING MATERIALS that will help you to build your scene much faster! If you don’t want to use the challenge scene you can pick one from; 20 Half made scene for quick useBut if you really want to create something unique – you can choose to model your 3D space from these:30 DWG Files for basic modelingVRay Materials Library (Over 100 VRay Shaders)50 Design Elements100 PREMIUM DESIGN ModelsVizPeople FREE Interior Filling by VizPeopleVRay Carpets Collection3DArcShopWhy it Works For Everyone!We teach YOU how to analyze and spot Rendering ERRORS, blotches, artifacts, grain & noise AND we give you the Ultimate Formula to OVERCOME these challenges.So instead of downloading scenes and spend time on trying different rendering settings WE teach YOU to understand what settings affect rendering aspects.Heres Who I CAN HelpThis offer is for people who are up and running already and simply want to run a lot faster and a lot further.You need to have a solid knowledge of 3Ds Max & VRay user interface already.You must have a good project working habits and ability to learn more.You cannot be in the get PRO quick or Feed me with a spoon space.* Well closely review your goals, your time and effort you are willing to put in this Workshop. All the students here for one reason GET AMAZING PORTFOLIO within 1 MONTH.(Im just using this point as a filter to keep the time-vampires at bay.)You MUST follow directions. (Dont worry, I wont ask you to do anything weird.)In order for me to grant you access to my unique process and allow YOU to DIG into my Training System, youre going to need to meet some strict (but reasonable) criteria and meet deadlines.Thats it! Those are all my requirements.Here it is:In order for us to do that, you need to have your act together.In other words, you need to be READY!So if youre too busy with other things and have very limited time to put into this training, we cant help you.OR if you just entering the 3D World, and have no idea where your desire is, this is not for you.But if you seeking to build your career as a PRO 3D Artist and want to grow your NAME in the ARCH. VIZ. industry we can help youWARNING TIME IS A FACTORAlso, you should realize theres a very large demand for Personal Portfolio help from our online school, and what Im offering to you is priceless simply because it creates a path for you to follow on your way to Successful CAREER.So with that said, know that the window of opportunity wont be open long.If you feel like this is right for you, click the button bellow, and join our Workshop TODAY!If You Think This Is For You – JOIN IN NOW!Become a PART pf PRO VRay Artist – Your Success Is Our Pride!Don’t just do it – Do it LIKEa PRO!