Watercolour Painting – How to paint Flowers


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During this course you will learn how to paint flowers using watercolours. The technique strongly emphasised is how to paint drops of water on petals The course structure follows a logical progression from detailed illustrated instructions regarding the materials you will need, through to the drawing process, a techiniques demonstration, a short but comprehensive colour theory, lesson followed by detailed painting demonstrations for you to enjoy. Finaly you will be shown examples of Artists paintings and alternative approaches will be discussed. There will be hand outs for you to download to be used as reference during the course. The lectures are very easy to follow and the course encourages individual development therefore each student is encouraged to work at their own pace. Some will finish the course in a couple of hours, others will take longer. If you wish to learn or already enjoy water colour painting and want to discover some new techniques and ways of working, then you will find this course both informative and enjoyable.