Wealth Walk – 3 Short Steps to a wealthier life, right now!



About this courseThis course is an easy to use and indepth way to utilise your inner knowledge to be able to create the wealth and success you desire in your life. There are 4 carefully designed written/creative exercises to complete that will eradicate any negativity around money and wealth and instead create a firm foundation of success thinking and habits. There are also 3 x especially designed cognitive visualisations that create new neural pathways and cognitive repatterning for success thinking. The course can be taken in as little time as you wish or as long as you like, each written exercise – should be a minimum of 30 minutes but preferably allow free time to be able to finish when it is right for you. The 3 audio's are simply to be listened to when stationary, via headphones and in a safe and relaxing enviroment. Each audio is approximately 30 minutes.The course is specifically structured so that you allow the power of 3, your internal power of 3 to work it's magic! Therefore you start with Session One, Exercise One, Session One – Wealth Walk One and carry on consequetively throughout the course, doing each session exercise one and then listening to the audio to end that session before moving onto the next one. Finally, there is a quiz at the end of the course for your completion.Take this course if you do not have the wealth or finances in your life that you desire or if you are not living a rich life. By taking action and following the Wealth Walk you can eradicate whats been holding you back, gain clear clarity and focus on what you actually want in life to then be able to create a clear Pictorial Path to get you there.If you want a better relationship with money, to live a richer life and become wealthier, then this is the course for you!