In this tutorial we will go over on how to create the high and low poly of a walther p99. We will first go over our reference where we will talk about the best way to approach a complicated model such as this one. Next, we will then move onto creating the body for our high poly model using clean geometry and a non destructive workflow. After that we will do a timelapse, finishing all small details on the body. Then once that is done we will move into the top part of the weapon where we will use a combination of plane modeling and line modeling to get a good and accurate result. Once again, we will finish off with an timelapse of the remaining parts. During all timelapses there will still be a narration explaining the thought process behind all the choices I make. Then finally when everything is done, we will use the non destructive workflow to turn our high poly back into a low poly and optimize it until it is a game ready model.More about the instructor:My name is Emiel Sleegers. I am 21 years old and originally from The Netherlands but I am currently located in the UK. I am a 3Denvironment artist working in the game industry. I have worked for companies like Playground Games and ubisoft with so far one announced title on my name named: Forza Horizon 3, and another title on the way. I am a self taught artist who on one day 4 years ago wanted to know how the amazing games I always played were made. The rest is history.