Successful Marketers know that live Webinars convert more leads to high paying cash customers than any other form of online marketing. PERIODThere are no exceptions to it.So Why isn’t every marketer or online business owner running webinars?The simple truth is most people dont understand the science to running live webinars.There is an Intelligence behind webinars that works almost every single time.Rule # 1: Make them Webinar Hungry. This means you need to create a compelling topic to the right visitor so when they come to the landing page, your webinar is the perfect solution to their exact problem. Rule # 2: Build a Killer Webinar – Building a Webinar is not just a powerpoint presentation, rather it is a sequence of messaging that when it is presented, the attendee sees your product as a no brainer to their problem. Rule # 3: Follow Up & Sell. This part is important, so important that executing it correctly can increase your sales by 200% to 300%. This is things like using scarcity, urgency and call to actions that make them want to click that buy button.This blueprint is based 100% on dozens of webinars that I’ve done and attended done over the years. What’s the result of this blueprint? $10,000 – $100,000+ sales in 1 hour.Introducing…Webinar IntelligenceWebinar Intelligence is the complete A-Z Blueprint for creating and delivering high-converting webinarfunnels that flood your list full of raving fans, build massive trust and value, and quickly put your scaled-up profits on autopilot.It will walk you through everything you need to know to maximize the power of your webinars.Here’s what included in the course:The big picture strategy and awebinar funnel blueprintthat puts your profits on autopilot and allows you to FINALLY enjoy this little thing called passive income.Tech Made Easy:How to quickly choose, assemble and TEST out your tech and webinar platform in order to ensure a glitch-free experience once you go live. Once you get this right, a tremendous weight is lifted, and youll feel more confident and ready to deliver a stellar presentation.FloodingYour Webinar Registration- Youll learn the best days and times to schedule your live webinars, the copy and images to include on your registration and confirmation pages, and WHERE to place your social sharing buttons to encourage VIRAL traffic to your webinar.The 6 Secret Webinar Engagement Techniques- Lighten up and excite ANY crowd by implementing these simple strategies that keep your audience in a focused learning state throughout your entire presentation.How to get the most out of your webinar replays- Whats the ideal amount of time you should keep a replay available? How do you encourage viewers to watch it and take immediate action?This course is just perfect for you if…You already have a digital program or product (or service) that youre ready to sell OR you want to create some type of coaching, consulting or online workshop opportunity to sell on your webinar (we get into all of that inside the program!).Youve spent a significant amount of time trying to learn how to build your email list or sales funnel, and want to integrate them both into a unified system that generates profits on the other end.Youre ready to take your business to the next level… and put your scaled-up profits on autopilot.You genuinely care about your message and the people it servesIm proud to give you first access to the training that I know without a doubt will accelerate your growth and kick things up to the next level. One last word…You already KNOW (and HAVE known) that webinars are an integral part of your online marketing success – and as I mentioned earlier, your decision to hold off was actually a VERY savvy one.But NOW is the time to get on the field and take action, and with a complete course leading you every step of the way AND a 30-Day guarantee, there really hasnt been a better time to give it an honest shot.Click “Take the Course” to get startedand seehow it explodes the profits on your webinars!