Webservices API Automation Testing using Rest Assured API and POSTMAN – Biggest course to cover all levels of API Testing using both Manual and Automation approaches on Live projects.API Testing is very much in demand these days and people who are already familiar with the UI testing part should approach for API Testing as these days 90% of the Applications Web Based, Mobile Based, Database communicates with each other with APIs only i.e. REST and SOAP. REST being the light weight API 95% of the Industry works on RESTFul webservices. Big clients like Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, Expedia etc their different apps communicates through RESTFul webservices itself.If you are already familiar with Selenium then the combination of Selenium + API Testing is a boom in the Industry. Every next Automation opening in Industry around the globe has a requirement of good knowledge on Selenium + API Testing and not just the Manual part, companies they look for indepth understanding of API Automation which can be used in the same Automation framework designed to handle the UI, Database and the Mobile part. Using Rest Assured API we will look at in-depth framework designing on Webservices automation testing part which will include the most popular Cucumber BDD approach as wellDetailed topics covered:API Testing basicsDifference in SOAP and REST and which one to useTools available for testing WebservicesPOSTMAN in DepthREST API Method – GET, POST, PUT, DELETE etcRestAssured API and building frameworksHandling OAUTH AuthenticationJSON & XMLIntroduction to Jackson LibraryTestNGJenkinsMavenReporting Extent ReportParallel ExecutionGit/GitHubData DrivenCucumber BDDMany Live APIs used