Explore how modern single pagewebsites are made.Learn about using HTML, CSS and jQuery together to develop a website from scratch. Build a single page website within this course, everything is included. Straight forward real world web design training form an instructor with over 16 years of web development experience.Building websites is easier than you think. This course will take you step by step about website building,teaching you the core concepts on how to design and develop a websitecompletelyfrom scratch. Web design plan in 5 easy steps.Plan the design of what you want your site to look likeadd HTML creating the structureadd CSS make it look great and responsivemake it dynamic with jQuerytweak and update as needed.Everything is included to get you started quickly. Top resources, source code and links to applications used within the course. HDquality video.experience how to build a website from start to finishfind out about resources used within this courselearn how to wire-frame and create a website outlinefamiliarise yourself with how to setup HTML to prepare for stylingexplore options for development with dummy data and placeholder imagesBasic of CSS for your templatecreate a sticky footerlearn how to create and add a navigation barBackground explained, how to cover sections with backgroundsHow to tweak the CSSLearn how to make it dynamic and interactiveAnimate the scroll processGoogle fonts, social icons and moreI’m hereto help you learn how to make websites, and ready to answer any questions youmay have. Let’s being creating a single page website from scratch!