Do you want more wedding photography clients but are not sure how to get there?Are you spending thousands of dollars on advertising with limited effectiveness?Are you spending hundreds of hours on social media but getting no results?It doesn’t have to be this way.Within 3 years of launching my wedding photography business, over half of my business came from referrals.Referrals are the MOST effective way to generate new business. Nothing is more effective than a referral.Just think about it – what would make you more likely to eat at a new restaurant: an advertisement you see in a newspaper or a glowing testimonial from a friend that ate there?It’s not even close.In this course you’ll learn a step-by-step system for generating referrals from clients, from wedding vendors, and even from other photographers. This won’t be a vague outline – I’ll give you exact instructions: what to say and what to do.Follow the steps outlined in the course and you’ll be on your way to generating a referral generating machine for your wedding photography business.Here’s what some students have said about this course:- Amazing course! Gives a lot of concrete and simple steps. Thank you very much!- Wow… this course was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. I have been capturing wedding moments for 8 years now and this course will take me to the next level and I also love how its broken down into small 5-7 minute makes the information way more digestible.! I am already going to be implementing his techniques today!- I really liked taking this course. The information was clear, concise, and actionable. I immediately did many of the things that were recommended in the course and made two connections that I am hoping will eventually lead to referrals. Also, I asked a question and Laurence actually replied:)- I love Laurence Kim’s easy-to-follow guidance! His ideas on creating a wedding referral program are fantastic, and I really enjoy his clear and straightforward delivery format. Well done, Laurence!