Welcome To Game Design – Master Videogame Design



This course’s focus is Game Design, but you will also learn Construct 2, to apply the theory you will learn.You will learn about many different aspects of Game Design in Digital Games and how they work, such as:The History of Video Game ConsolesHow to choose the best Game Engine for your NecessityHow to build great tutorialsHow to give feedback to the playerHow to structure a Game Flow and it’s transitionsHow to get your player addicted to the gameWhich are the most common Game Elements and how to organize themHow to create prototypes in minutesBy the end of some classes, Ill challenge you to do some exercises, to help you learn better. They are not mandatory, but they can make you become a better game designer.You will also answer some Quizzes, to help you memorize what you learnt even more.Youll also be able to download the presentation used in this course.This course will help you create a bionic eye, after your know how games are made, playing them will never be the same again.Enroll Now and I See you in the course!