===Questions for You=== Would you like to explore the fascinating mythological and philosophical landscapes of Tibetan Buddhism? Would you like to learn from the ancient masters… from a time and place which was thousands of years was dedicated to spiritual development? ===What to Expect===Find out about the four main traditions of Tibetan Buddhism and explore and taste with Tom some of their core and most famous teachings. You will also be given the opportunity to practice some of the core meditations of the Tibetan Tradition and learn how Tibetan Buddhism sits within the wider Buddhist Tradition and World View. ===What’s Included===5 hours of informative and well crafted material that combines both Buddhist philosophy, psychology and experiential insights. A certificate of completion from udemy, and also a tailored certificate of complete available upon request. ===About the Facilitator=== Your facilitator, Bestselling  and Highest Rated tutor Tom Llewellyn has 20 years of experience within the realms of meditation, buddhism (over 12 years experience as a practising Buddhist), lucid dreaming, and astral projection. He practised within 3 different Buddhist Groups and has helped to run many Buddhist retreats and hundreds of meditations classes and workshops. He’s a trained and skilled teacher of Kundalini Yoga, trained Sound Therapist and has also written two books.