What is Bitcoin


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There area few courses on Udemy about Bitcoin some free some very expensive. Here is why you should buy this one.Presented by myself Conrad Atherton and videos narrated by my co presenter Matt Costanzo.. I am a Bitcoin Foundation Member , Bitcoin investor and evangelist.Matt Costanzo is a free lance journalist with a keen interest in crypto currencies and has contributed to websites such as CCN and Bitcoin news. You will be both informed and entertained. Within an hour you should be setup with a Bitcoin wallet and have received your first Bitcoin. You will understand what Bitcoin is and more importantly how to use it in the real world. You will have some idea of how to possible protect your wealth. You will have learn’t how to buy and sell Bitcoin. You will be able to trade Bitcoin and you will understand how to make money from Bitcoin whether the price is rising or falling. In short this is the only Bitcoin course you will ever need. There is a financial revolution going on right under your nose. Don’t get left behind the Bitcoin train is about to leave the station question is are you in the First class carriage or left standing on the platform?