Are you a business owner or entrepreneur that has a LinkedIn account with a whole bunch of connections, but you have no idea how you should be using it for marketing and business development? You are not alone. This course was born out of countless conversations with people that have all shared a consistent theme. They usually go something like this…”Oh ya, I have a LinkedIn account. I’ve got all kinds of connections, but I don’t really do anything with it because I don’t have a clue what I should be doing.”As the largest online professional network in the world,LinkedIncan be a powerful tool. At the same time, it can also feel overwhelming. This course will guide you through how to build a solid presence on LinkedIn and actually use LinkedIn on a day-to-day to build your personal brand, nurture and grow your network, and ultimately, market your business to grow it.With loads of valuable tips, this course will show you practical ways to start leveraging the marketing and business development potential of LinkedIn today.