Are you an actor that is tired of waiting around for the phone to ring? Have you dreamed of creatingyour own work but don’t know where to begin?Have you been asked to give a speech at your friend’s wedding and terrifiedthe crowd will fall asleep during your introduction? Are you a business marketer tired of the same old ” Buy this,it’s on sale”campaign?Are you thatperson whentelling astory,often hear the response ” Can you get to the point, you been telling this story since last Tuesday”?It is widely known that stories work! It is the way we recapture and remember human experiences.Stories are part of our DNA. Good looks part of my DNA. Bad joke dont use that. Stories entertain, make a point, teach a lesson, or sell a service, product or idea. No matter how you slice it, everybody relates to stories. The right story will also sell YOU.If you want to make a great impact, hear people saying I heard her speak 8 years ago we got to have her back or would you rather be remembered as, “Oh yah I remember her speak. Totally caught up on my sleep”.Do you feel, my life is so boring. Ive never climbed to the top of Everest, or overcome adversity, Ive never even had food poisoning. Ive got nothing interesting to say.That is the myth. If youve eaten gas station food, youve had food poisoning. It is not necessary to have experienced a life alternating event to tell a memorable story. Im here to tell you that everybody has a story to tell and I cant wait to hear yours.Whether you are an entrepreneur, a performer, a public speaker, presenter, artist or youre looking for better communication skills so youre not stuck hanging out by the bean dip, or in my case the sangria, this course is for you!In this course you will learn:Your own unique brand, voice and styleHow to brainstorm story ideasFinding your storyWriting the outline of your storyWriting skills that workEssential presentation skills that workHow to find the right story using simple story mining techniques.How to find your unique style of storytelling allowing your authentic self to shine through.The dos and dont of storytellingYou will walk away with your first story and the framework to make further storytelling a cinch.PLEASENOTETHISCOURSEISNOTFORPROFESSIONALWRITERS,AUTHORSORSTORYTELLERS. It is an introduction course for beginners only.Why learn storytelling with Ally Lane ?I live and breathe stories.I started telling stories from the moment I learned to speak. I was a compulsive liar.I started my professional career as a playwright, screenwriter, actor and performer.Today I continue to perform and write, and run a successful event entertainment company producing over 1000 shows including live plays, videos, films and keynote speeches.I am a best selling author including a ‘how to’ book on writing and my own best selling memoir. I love toteach and Ihave taught writing and acting for over 20years.