In this Qigong online course you will discover: 8 HD video lessons 8 Powerfully transformative, deep, dynamic healing Qigong exercises Special Qigong Breathing techniques Qigong Meditation Fascia and its unique role in this Qigong Anatomy of 8 Qigong for Fear exercises Chinese Medicine applications of Qigong for Fear exercises Downloadable PDFs with high resolution photos Quizzes and answersMillions of people suffer from fears and phobia around the world everyday. Some people areplagued by consistent and extreme fear. People fear all sorts of things from the fear of flying,fear of spiders, fear of heights, fear of death, fear of public speaking, or fear of just aboutanything.Living under constant fear weakens our immune system and can cause cardiovascular damage,gastrointestinal problems such as ulcers and irritable bowel syndrome, and decreasedfertility. Fear can impair formation of long-term memories and cause damage to certain parts ofthe brain, such as the hippocampus.In Chinese medicine fear corresponds with kidney system and relates to the element of water.Fascia science has proven that emotions and stress are stored in the body. There are ancientTaoist forms of Qigong that have been used for over 2000 years to squeeze out emotions andtoxins out of the organs and body to achieve a peaceful state of mind and body. White TigerQigong has created the perfect prescription of Qigong with a special online course to release fearand build courage.Led by White Tiger Qigongs top instructors, Master Instructor and founder, Tevia Feng whostarted Qigong at the age of 7, Aisha Sieburth (seebirth) who has over 20 years of Qigongexperience and teaching, Graduate Instructor Thanh Van and more!In this Qigong online course you will get a prescription of deep, dynamic Qigong exercises,Qigong meditation and Qigong deep breathing exercises to release deep seeded fear, leaving youfeeling more courageous, peaceful, happier and healthier. In addition discover the ChineseMedicine and fascia connections to this Qigong.Get the White Tiger Qigong for Fear Online Course now for a maximum health, longevity, a stress freemind and body.Feel goodFeel freeFeel the Qi!