Windows Application Development Professional PackDesign and Develop your Own windows applications in Simple Steps and get qualified to next level in your Carrier !LATEST: Course Updated For August 2016Welcome to the new development EraIf you’re in the industry or looking to get into the industry you’ll find yourself a little confused as to some of the labels and roles given to computer programmers.ProgrammerDeveloperAnalystArchitectEngineerThe first two terms are freely interchangeable, the dictionary term for a programmer is one who programs, the term for developer is one who develops. So is there a difference in the terms or the roles? No effectively these two terms are identical and is merely a preference in terminology. Even Microsoft uses these terms interchangeably for their internal developers. An analyst might not actually write code. An analysts primary function is to write the specification or requirements documents required for a new project. A software architect, is very much like the traditional architect. They are responsible for building the framework and designing the tools that the team will be using to develop the project. An engineer is none of the above and could be any of the above. A software engineer is someone that subscribes to an engineering discipline.A software engineering graduate finishes university and starts developing software as an independent contractor, he’s smart and decides that his rates will be cheaper than everyone else’s as his costs are relatively low. Without knowing it he finds himself with a client, a small business that’s looking for a solution on the cheap. Having the opportunity to do something for a living that you would willingly do for pleasure is the best indication that you have the ideal career. One of the most cherished accomplishments to this point is having the opportunity to explore your logical and creative potential by designing and coding computer programs. With the rapid evolution and proliferation of new devices and technology, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and Internet of Things, application development have quickly become a driving force for business innovation. The quality and reliability of Application today is expected to be extremely high. Every Application development environment is unique. So, every environment should rely on a distinct set of tools which are suited to that particular scenario. Whenever the word ‘Application Development’ is used, it is automatically assumed that the talk is about combination of hardware and software or a computer.This Course can be your gateway into this innovative world which is full of applications from simple Health application to advance life hacking applications. This course teaches you how to build your first Windows app. You’ll learn how to create an Windows application project and run a debuggable version of the app. You’ll also learn some fundamentals of windows app design, including how to build a simple user interface and handle user input. You can ask any questions regarding the application development process and get your puzzles solved.So, Let’s Get started in Developing innovative windows app. using this Professional Pack.About this course:Full, free lifetime accessAll future extra lectures and upgrades are always included for freeWe will provide you carrier guidanceWe will provide constant updates on Developing new applicationNew concepts will be discussed regularly