This course uncovers a 4-step formula to living a fulfilled life – the life you were always meant to have. We will do exercises that will help you activate your imagination and heart to truly understand what you want in life. I will help you find what really makes you happy (and not what the society tells you should do). We're gonna dream big! And once you set your big goals, you will be given the tools to turn them into reality. We will discuss how to plan your time so you always have enough of it for the things you love. Forget all the boring time management tools you studied. We're going to discuss a whole new way of managing your time. No more sacrificing anything you love for work you can't stand. We're going to shuffle your focus from things you should be doing to things you want to do. You will also learn how to manage your energy, so you always feel energized. No more getting up tired and lethargic. We're going to discover ways to always having energy for whatever it is that you want or should be doing. And all that while protecting you from feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. You will learn how to take adequate care of yourself to be able to create amazing things and make an impact. This course is very interactive. Throughout it, you will experience over 16 exercises and learn over 70 tips on making your big dreams come true.