Congratulations! You found a course that can change the trajectory of your life. Everyone knows that wealthy people earn money trading stocks. Imagine how your life would change if you knew how to successfully trade stocks and build your own wealth. Imagine stock investing being easy to learn because “real-world” examples are used. Imagine gaining confidence in a course where the fluff was cut out and you were given firm information to successfully invest in stocks immediately. Imagine the joy of being able to pass-down stocks and investment wealth to your children. Imagine how you will feel once you have the knowledge to successfully invest in stocks and the ability to control your financial destiny . . . forever!This course does more than provide investment fundamentals. It actually teaches you how to think like a successful stock investor. What questions ask and answer. How to think about “real-life” situations. What data to review as decisions are made. How to weigh news, data and events.With this course you will:1. Understand the stock market2. Know exactly what to do when you research stocks3. Analyze stocks using key, easy to find ratios4. Buy and sell stock on logic not emotion5. Build a portfolio that meets your goals and risk tolerance6. Apply real-life thinking to stock evaluation7. Invest with confidence8. Know how to take advantage of drops in the stock market9. Know when a good stock is just too expensive10. Become a successful long-term investor .and much more