Word-of-Mouth Marketing Workshop (How to Create Viral Buzz)



Question: Who's talking about YOU? More important, what are they saying about you, your product, service, talent or cause? Are you creating ideas that spread … or that wither on the vine? I've spent the past two decades of my life researching marketing, conducting hundreds of interviews with successful entrepreneurs, and putting into practice what I learned. Like you, I've always wondered, "Why do some people and ideas become wildly popular while most live in obscurity?" In this course I distill years of research and wisdom into the anatomy of buzz. I give you the foundational principles that every entrepreneur should know about successful word-of-mouth marketing campaigns, including: Examples of Viral Ideas and Buzz Marketing The Six Elements of Marketing That Sticks The Five Stages of Adoption Three Steps to Viral Marketing The Secret Behind 'The Secret' Tipping Points and Critical Mass Register for this course on Udemy today and get lifetime access to the lessons. Watch them on your computer, or on your smartphone or tablet using the free Udemy app. Plus, it comes with a 30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee!