Been scratching your head wondering why your Website is slow + your conversions are low?Never take a so-called expert’s word about this again.During this course, you’ll master all the tools to pros use to do site analysis audits + you’ll discover what all these tools really tell you, in plain language.You’ll discover how fast + easy it is to answer basic money site questions like…Is my site fast or slow? If it’s slow, where are the bottlenecks + potential fixes?Is my site secure? Does my site have exploit vectors (how hackers get in) that allow a hacker to take control of my site or siphon data from my site? If there are any exploits, what are potential fixes? And once fixed, how to I close all the holes that got me in this jam in the first place?Is my site SEO friendly? Can Spiders ingest my site + make sense of my content? If not, how do I fix this?Same with browsers? Is my site browser neutral? In other words, will all browsers see some semblance of my content for every visitor, all the time?Is my site Mobile friendly? Is my site responsive + does it render fast on all phones + tables, independent of device operating system – Android + iOS + Java? Also is my site network + battery optimal or will my site fire off warnings about overrunning people’s data plan + draining their battery life? If not, how do I fix all Mobile Unfriendliness?And, now that you know what’s wrong + have an idea of how to fix it + once it’s supposedly fixed, you can retest your site to make sure all work was done correctly… What’s the checklist of criteria all developers must meet before they are paid?Excited about boosting your conversions + cashflow, then this course is for you!I’m looking forward to working with you!Here’s to your success,David Favor