How to Manage online Content Planning and strategy for better productivity.Just like any websites, you only have minutes to capture your audience and interest to get them to stay on your website. WordPress is designed around bringing content to web visitors. Within this course we explore top tips and strategies for WordPress and website content management.Use of Images and how it can be more inviting to visitorsWeb standards make sure you stay complaint for best practices.WordPress Featured images and how it works.HTML heading tags H1-H6 how to use themContent separation via paragraphs and spacing for readabilityUse of Online Resources like webmaster accounts and analyticsWhy create a keyword strategy.Best practices for WordPress CategoriesContent planning and regular updatesUse of Social Media to get trafficThinking SEO with your content Organic SEO vs Paid trafficBit of HTML for better output controlDon’t forget to Spellcheck and proofread your content. Making Good quality contentLearning about your audienceTips for better WordPress usePosting regularly and employing a content strategyWordPress Backup and more UpdatesSecurity is a big deal when you have a website. You dont want to get hacked. Take precautions early to prevent frustration later on. There will always be hackers and spammers that will try to abuse your website.This covers how to backup WordPress and more.I’m here to help you learn about WordPress and ready to answer any questions you may have.