LEARN WORDPRESS TODAY!Course updated: April 2016Course Objective: Learn essential aspects of using the WordPress Content Management (CMS) system to create responsive websites.This course was developed to teach interested ones how to use WordPress to create professional responsive websites.No CodingNo Prior WordPress Experience Required*** ALL LECTURES ARE IN HIGH DEFINITION (HD) ***In my more than 35 years of formal teaching experience, I have found that the best approach to teaching was for the teacher to place himself at the desk of and in the role of the student. And, to teach in a manner imaging that he himself is the student.Some instructors teach over the head of the student. Not all students are the same. Yet, it is the responsibility of the teacher to find a way to reach students who “just don’t get it.” Indeed, the teacher should sweat over finding a solution to reach that student. If necessary, lose sleep over it. Then when the light bulb in that students head “turns on” then there is the reward!In this course, I will teach with the Look-Over-My-Shoulder lecture method and DEMONSTRATE every step of the process from searching for and registering a domain name, to getting web hosting, installing and learning all aspects of using WordPress to create incredible looking responsive websites.Here Is a List of Some the Things You Will LearnHow To Search For and Register a Domain NameHow To Choose and Get a Web Host AccountWhat WordPress IsHow To Install WordPress Via The Web Host CPanel (The Easy Way)How To Install WordPress Manually. (Still Easy)The WordPress DashboardHow To Setup WordPress ProfilesThe Difference Between WordPress Posts and PagesHow To Create and Write a WordPress PostHow To Manage and Edit WordPress PostsHow To Use Post FormatsHow To Publish PostsHow To Create and Write a WordPress PageHow To Protect Your WorkWordPress SEOHow To Create a Collection of Links in WordPressThe Difference Between Categories and TagsHow To Properly Use WordPress CategoriesHow To Properly Use WordPress TagsHow To Create Custom Menus in WordPressHow To Use The WordPress Media LibraryHow To Add Images To A PostHow To Add a PDF Download To Your Posts and PagesHow To Use WordPress ThemesHow To Customize Your WordPress ThemesHow To Install A Contact FormHow To Use WordPress PluginsHow To Use WordPress WidgetsHow To Use Widgets ReloadedHow To Set WordPress Screen OptionsHow To Use The WordPress JetpackHow To Change Fonts In WordPressHow To Manage WordPress CommentsHow To Fight WordPress Comment SPAMHow To Secure Your WordPress SiteHow To Update WordPressHow To Import and Export WordPress ContentTo Explain The Five WordPress User RolesHow To Manage WordPress UsersSetting Up A WordPress Disaster and Recovery PlanHow To Backup WordPressHow To Restore WordPress From BackupsHow to Migrate One WordPress Website To AnotherHow To Set Up A WordPress Development Server On Your ComputerHow To Configure WordPress General SettingsHow To Configure WordPress Writing SettingsHow To Configure WordPress Reading SettingsHow To Configure WordPress Discussion SettingsHow To Configure WordPress Privacy SettingsHow To Configure WordPress Media SettingsHow To Configure WordPress Permalinks SettingsHow To Speed Up Your WebsiteHow To Set up an RSS Feed?How To Set Up A Working Email Newsletter FormHow To Socialize Your Website (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube)And more …Let Me Help YouSo if you have a strong desire or compelling need to learn WordPress for personal or business use, then this course is for you.I would like to remind you that my course comes with a 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee. You have a full month to give it a spin, and try it out and if, for whatever reasons, you are unsatisfied, just ask for your refund. You take absolutely no risk!After taking my course, any mystique you may have had about WordPress will be removed. You will feel confident in your ability to make WordPress do what you want it to do.Click the “Take This Course” button now.Kind regards,R. Jerome Harris