This course shows you how to work every single problem you are likely to encounter in an introductory operations management / production management course at either the undergraduate or graduate level. It is designed for a student taking a college course in operations management (sometimes called production management) who is struggling with the problems. Anyone taking an APICS certification course will also find these tutorials helpful.There are over 80 different tutorials and over seven hours of content. The topics covered include forecasting, inventory management, aggregate planning, master production scheduling, material requirements planning, quality control, control charts, project planning, assembly line balancing, location planning, precedence diagrams, stopwatch time studies, and simple waiting lines. The course has a video tutorial on each type of problem with at least two examples of each time of problem. Each video covers all the steps in great detail. Nothing is skipped or glossed over. Each type of problem is covered in a separate video tutorial. The tutorials are grouped into meaningful modules. This allows you to take just those tutorials you need to be successful in your college course.