Do you support someone on the Autistic Spectrum, either in their home, the community, or in an educational setting? Maybe you know someone on the spectrum that you are in close regular contact with?What ever your situation, this course is a great way to enhance your knowledge of Autistic Spectrum Disorders and improve your working practices and the strategies and approaches that you use to support those on the spectrum. This course will provide you with the following information:*an overview of Autistic Spectrum Disorders – what is autism? who is effected? causes? Diagnosis? Related conditions?*Behaviours associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorders and positive behaviour management*Communicating with people on the spectrum*Support strategies at home / work / education / in the community*Information on further support and guidanceThis course will betaught by a tutor with over sixteen years experience of supporting and teaching people on the Autistic Spectrum, from children to adults.By the end of the course you should feel much better informed and equipped to provide the best quality of care and support to those on the spectrum to help them lead a more rewarding andfulfilling life.