Youve probably heard of World of Warcraft – its one of the biggest and most prolific games to ever exist. But, even if youve been tempted to try it, you may have been intimidated by the complexity of the game and the sheer amount of information a player needs to make sense of it all. The vastness of World of Warcraft has the potential to overwhelm prospective players, but fear not – The Ultimate Guide for Novice Adventurers is here to help. First released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment, World of Warcraft boasts subscriber numbers well into the millions, occasionally cresting the ten million mark. Although I started out as just one of those millions, Ive since become one of the games most competitive players, playing alongside many of the most decorated and celebrated WoW organizations such as Midwinter, Serenity, Method, and Future. Im one of two players in the world to have ever achieved a world top three placing on both the North American and European raid ladders, and have held numerous World Records related to the dungeon and raid systems. Ive translated my success in the game into educational content on various platforms, and now hope to bestow my World of Warcraft expertise to you on Udemy. As a player, strategist, and coach, Ill be able to explain the vast universe of World of Warcraft so that even a complete novice will flourish.World of Warcraft: The Ultimate Guide for Novice Adventurers was designed to turn prospective and inexperienced players into seasoned veterans of all aspects of the game. This is the only World of Warcraft course youll need to kickstart your adventure in Azeroth, teaching you everything from the core fundamentals to advanced techniques that refine your gameplay. With my help, students of this course will have a huge advantage getting started in the game, as most new players are often left overwhelmed and confused. Precious time, effort, and energy arent worth wasting on the frustrating weeks it usually takes to get acclimated. This course is designed to build fresh adventurers from the boots up. Ill cover everything youll need to know from the get-go, easing you into an unfamiliar and unforgiving new world. From Items to Experience, youll be cutting down foes with the best of them in no time. My course features a complete examination of the most important features of World of Warcraft: Game BasicsDetermine the best realm/server for you Choose a class that fits your personality and playstyle Discover the variety of specializations and talents each class unlocksMaster the basic controls Create a custom set of keybinds, and learn tricks to remap the controls at your leisureBuild wealth and accrue currency to invest into professions and items Develop an understanding of the character attributes systemBecome fluent in the lingo of World of WarcraftComplete quest lines and level up your character Party Up Represent a Guild alongside other playersCreate groups and parties to adventure alongside alliesExplore Dungeons and Raids alongside other players to get a taste of some of the games most epic content Vanquish enemy players in the Battlegrounds and Arenas of the game Game Activities and DistractionsDiscover additional methods to acquire gold Handle the Auction House with easeBecome a Pet Battling superstarTransform your entire appearance using the Transmogrification tool Frolic at the Darkmoon Faire Advanced TechniquesCreate practical keybinds that minimize accidental keystrokes and maximize efficiency Optimize controls for high level play Install and configure AddOns for the game that can greatly improve functionality Configure macros for your abilities to automate certain processes Identify core game systems and mechanicsMaster the essentials of your class, such as your rotation and openerIn addition to lectures covering all these game features, youll put your knowledge to the test right from the start. Throughout this course, I include activities to get you playing World of Warcraft right away. As you get started, Ill provide the guidance you need to choose your realm and champion; once youre more comfortable with your settings, youll have the opportunity to practice your mechanics and battle techniques using the tips and tricks that got me to where I am today.Even though I now have nearly 14 years of World of Warcraft experience, I also had to start from scratch with everything in the game. This course was curated with the struggles of the newbie in mind, as all the best players have endured them before. Ive endeavored to create a course that leaves no stone unturned in the fields of Azeroth. If youre up to the challenge of conquering World of Warcraft, please join me in my course and let the adventure begin!