Worship Piano: Learn the Top Worship Songs Fast



If you’ve been looking for a piano course that will teach you the top worship songs from start to finish, then Worship Piano: Learn the Top Contemporary Worship Songs Fast is for you!I will show you allthe basic major and minor chords.Don’t worry, I wont leave you with the basic chords, I will also show you melody lines, patternsand advance chords to make you sound like the professionals.Ibreak down every single chord in an easy way for each person of skill level to go through and learn fast.I have had the opportunity to play at Awaken the Dawn in Washington D.C, for various speakers from Bethel Church in Redding California, as well as other top leading Christian musicians across the world.Through out this course you will learn chord for chord worship songs like “Ever Be” “Build my Life” Reckless Love” “Holy Spirit” and many more.These tutorials will show you more than just the basics, and will help you take you’re worship playing skills to higher levels.