Write Arabic Now Part 1



Welcome to our course Write Arabic now, in this course youre going to learn not only how to write but to read Arabic too, this is the first part of the course, so after finishing this one, you should go on and take the other parts.So therere things you should know before starting this course The basic Arabic alphabet contains 28 letters, and they change their shape according to their position in a word. Many letters look similar but are distinguished from one another by dots above or below their central part so were going to separate these similar letters into groups just to make it easier Therere consonants and vowels in Arabic the same as English, but the difference we can use the vowel as a consonant too Arabic, on the other hand is written from right to left, sure, this takes some getting used to, but is not that hard with enough practice. The Arabic alphabet is always cursive and letters vary in shape depending on their position within a word.In this course you are going to learn the Arabic alphabet, how to pronounce them correctly,and how to get them together to make a word.Writing and reading Arabic are not that hard, and you are going to realize that during your studying.