Write Better Write Faster : Write w/ Active Voice Confidence



Improve yourWriting Skills and Speaking effectivenessrapidlyby enrolling in thisWriting Lesson Course now! Learn How to Write WithPower …Want to make the best impact on your audience? Want to feel respected appreciated, and best of all…HEARD? If you’re not sure that people will respect you as a person of influence, then you likely are not aware of the power of using active voice in communication.If you want to make your writing clear and easily understood it is essential to write in the Active Voice. If you are serious about improving your writing skills thebest place to start is byunderstanding how to use the Active Voice when writing. This course will teach you how to getyour message across with strength, confidence and efficiency. This applies to speaking as much as it does to writing.Three Great quizzes help support your learning knowledge!Bythe end of this course, you will :Understand the difference between the Active and the Passive Voice in writing and speaking.Have moremore confidence in yourwriting skills. Know that you are communicating effectively and confidently.Understand how toidentify the Active Voice in writing.Know how towrite in the Active Voice to make yourwriting more powerful and easy to understandThree Great quizzes help support your learning knowledge!This course is put together withyour understanding in mind.There areadded examplesto help explain concepts. Creative illustrations are effectively usedto illuminate pointsso that through a combination of sight, and sound, you caneasilygrasp the nuancesof eachlecture.There isa series of challengingquizzes that are designed toreinforce the most important concepts from each lecture as you go along.The goal is always to emphasize your understandingof each piece of the broader subject, and there are times when foundational concepts are re-visited in order to solidify your learning knowledge.Best of all you can go at your own pace!This course is designedforYOU,the writer.This is the course that will showYOUhow totake your writingto a higher level. Whether you area beginner who is just learning, or a more experienced individual who wants to know more about how to write better, this is the course that will help you reach your goal ofgetting your points across as clearly aspossible.This course isalso a great introduction for anyone who wants toget more serious about writingin a broader sense. Completing this courseisthe mostefficient way to gain insideknowledgethat you might not ever learn on your own.They dont teach this stuff in most writing courses! And it can give you the inside edge you need to make any speech more powerful and effective.