Writers Roadmap to Amazon and Audible Books



Everyone has a book inside them. This course teaches today’s authors or potential authors everything they need to know about how to create a best-selling book, get it published online, how to create ancillary profitable properties, how to get the traffic you need to your site, and how to get reviewed. All of these things are essential to a successful book launch. AND by the way the odds of you getting a publisher outside of yourself to publish your book and get all of the above accomplished for you is almost zero today because only celebrities with books are worth the risk to a Hard-Bound Publisher and no one goes into book stores any more anyway. The only avenue today for authors is to self-publish online. This courses creator has over fifty titles selling on Amazon, Audible, iTunes etc. – makes a nice living from these and wants to teach anyone how they can also accomplish the freedom to live a wonderful life and have the same level of success and with almost zero money to invest.