Sometimes we all get overwhelmed by the flow of ideas. Creative people are often distracted by ideas about new projects while they are working on their current project. Sometimes the opposite is true, that we worry about not having any ideas. It’s not just creative people who face this challenge, business owners also get distracted by the bright shiny ideas that crowd out their focus on the current business strategy. Ideas come when you are not prepared to manage them and your mind becomes occupied with worry about losing them. This course will give you the tips, tools and techniques to manage that stream of ideas. The course focuses on using the knowledge for writing projects and you’ll learn, To recognize how you generate ideas To manage you time to allow you to assess the ideas that come To translate ideas into action through an assessment process To help you learn the process, there are two examples, and a tool that you can use to walk through the assessment of good ideas. If you are tired of running after every idea, this course will help by training your muse to give you great ideas.