Master the art of videomarketing and how you can make YouTube work for you in thiscomprehensive course!YouTubehas become a household name for almost all video needs, from songs tovideos to movie trailers to even following your favorite stars ontheir daily lives, YouTube has it all. While, it started as a simplevideo sharing website, YouTube, now, has a life of its own. Thesedays it is a popular platform for uploading music videos, home videosand even blogging videos, which is known as vlogging. Vlogging, alsoknown as video logging was a trend that has existed for a while now,but has become famous because of YouTube. iiSuperwomanii, Sam Tsui,Pewdiepie, names sound familiar? Well, all of these are YouTubestars, who have garnered fame and money from posting videos onYouTube. Do you want to join theranks of the names above? Do you want to learn how to market yourselfand your brand the right way?Now, you can!Inthis amazing hands-on course, our instructor will breakdown YouTube,adding on to what you have already learned in the previous course. Inthis course, you will learn how to build playlists, mess around withthe advanced settings of YouTube, as well as what is a vlogger andthe skills you will need to become a vlogger. Wewill also learn how to create sections and categories on yourchannel, important elements of creating content for your videos,including various methods of recording content, as well as whichcamera to use for which task. Atthe end of this course, you will learn how to design videos for yourYouTube channel that will not only look professional in terms ofrecording and editing, but will also bring in loads of viewers andgive you a significant boost in your field.Allof this is waiting for you in this course? Enroll now and you canlearn how to broadcast yourself!